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General Information on HIV/AIDS
HIV means Human Immunodeficiency Virus
AIDS means Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome

HIV is the agent which causes AIDS.
AIDS occurs when the bodyís defense system is too weak to fight simple
infections and tumors and this results in a syndrome (manifestation of a group of
infections and tumors)

- HIV can be transmitted trough blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast
- The most common way to get HIV is through unprotected sexual
intercourse with an infected person. When a person has HIV, the virus
is in their blood and semen or vaginal secretions. It could enter another
personís body through tiny cuts or sores on the skin or the lining of the
vagina, penis, rectum or mouth
- Another common way of getting HIV is by sharing other sharp objects
such as razor blades and needles with someone who has HIV or by
accidentally being pricked by a needle or a sharp object contaminated
with infected blood
- HIV can be transmitted from an infected pregnant woman to the fetus
during pregnancy, labor or birth. However, most pregnant women with
HIV give Birth to healthy babies
- An infected breast feeding mother can also pass on HIV to the baby
through breast milk.

No vaccine has been developed for HIV yet. The following prevention measures
are very helpful
A  Abstaining from sexual activities or
    delaying your first sex
B  Being tested for HIV and being
     faithful in a marriage and
     monogamous relationships
C Correct and consistent use of
     condoms if you are involved in high
     risk sexual behaviors
D  Some sexual transmitted infection
     increases the risk of HIV
     transmission during sexual
     Treating these infections early can reduce
      the risk of HIV transmission
There is no cure from HIV/AIDS. The symptoms and related sicknesses
can be treated and through ARV`s the Virus can be suppress in the
body to keep people healthier for some years.
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